555-3354 Steeda Belt Tensioner GT500 555-3354 Steeda Belt Tensioner GT500 Quick View

Steeda Belt Tensioner (07-14 GT500)

$272.45 $262.95
1999-2014 GT500 Miscellaneous Steeda Parts Pulleys
The Steeda adjustable belt tensioner for the Shelby GT500 will vastly improve the belt grip and contact on the supercharger blower pulley. The belt...
Shelby GT500 Supercharger Pulley Quick View

Steeda Supercharger Pulley for 07-14 Shelby GT500

1999-2014 GT500 Pulleys
Increase boost and add tire shredding horsepower! Steeda's GT500 supercharger pulley directly replaces the factory supercharger pulley and gives approx 3psi of extra boost....
Steeda 3.10 Quick View

Steeda 3.10" Blower Pulley for 03-04 Cobra

$99.95 $83.95
1999-2014 GT500 Pulleys Under $100
3.10" Blower Pulley Increases boost by 1-2 PSI Adds instant horsepower and torque that is noticeable Reuses existing belt
Steeda 2.81 Quick View

Steeda 2.8" Blower Pulley for 03-04 Cobra

$99.95 $83.95
1999-2014 GT500 Pulleys Under $100
These Steeda Supercharger Pulleys are made from Steel not aluminum, and have holes drilled around the center of the pulley to lower the rotational...

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