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StangMods offers several different Mustang headlamps for 1987-2013 Mustangs. Whether you want an OEM replacement for your hazy or yellow lamps or if you want a completely different look StangMods has you covered. Start the search for your new headlamps by searching by model year above.

How hard is it to install my new headlamps?
Most of our aftermarket Mustang headlamps are very simple to install. 1987-2004 Mustangs do not require you to remove your front bumper to install new headlamps. For 87-93 Fox bodies, the stock headlamps are secured with 8 MM bolts. 1999-2004 Mustang owners have it much easier. There are two metal retaining clips that secure the headlamps to the vehicle. Simply pulling up on these retainers and giving it a little bit of force will enable to pull your headlamps right out. Unfortunately for 2005 and up Mustangs, you do need to remove your bumper to install OEM or aftermarket headlamps.

Does my Mustang headlamps come with new bulbs?
All of our projector headlamps for the 87-2013 Mustang come with brand new bulbs. Our non-projector Mustang headlamps do not come with new bulbs. You can either re-use your stock bulbs or you can upgrade at the same time. Click here to see our Mustang headlamp bulb selection.