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Purchasing an HID kit from StangMods. Which kit is right for you? We offer two types of HID headlight kits for the 1987-2004 and 2005-2013 Mustang. The first kit is known as a single beam HID kit. As the name suggests, the single beam HID kit works only on your Mustang's low beam. With this kit, the HIDs turn on when you activate your low beams. When you turn your high beams on, the lights will cut off. The second kit we offer is called a Dual Beam HID kit. The bulbs in this kit operate similar to your stock bulbs in that you'll have HIDs with both low and high beam.

Which Kit Should you Purchase? This is a matter of preference. You will find that the single beam HID kit provides more light than your stock halogen bulbs did when the high beams were on. With this being the case, the low beam kit is a great choice for those wanting a quality HID kit while spending as little as possible. In terms of installation, both kits install the same way with the bixenon kit having a few more connections to be made. Installation is extremely easy and most first time installations take less than one hour.

Warranty. All HIDs purchased through StangMods come with a full lifetime warranty. If any part should fail, simply send it back to us and we'll replace it free of charge with no questions asked. All warranty replacements are shipped via Priority mail to limit any downtime.

Which Color Temperature to Choose? Now that you've decided on the single beam or dual beam kit, your next decision is the color temperature. We offer the 4300K, 6000K, 8000K, and 10000K temperatures. You may be wondering what the difference is between these kits. The picture below shows the color output of each color temperature.

Just an Overview
  • The 4300K kit produces a pure white light
  • The 6000K kit produces a mainly white light with a hint of blue hue
  • The 8000K kit produces a pure blue light
  • The 10000K kit produces a blueish-purple light

    Whats most popular? The most popular color of choice with Mustang owners these days is the 6000K and 8000K HID Kit. These specific kits produce the most usable light without being too blue in the color spectrum. It is good to know that the factory installed HIDs on the 2008+ Mustangs are closest to 4300K. Regardless of the color temperature you choose, you'll find that HID lighting provides a tremendous increase in brightness and light output versus any standard halogen bulb.