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Looking to add some easy bolt on horsepower? Adding a Mustang cold air intake will allow you to bolt on more power and torque in just a few hours. The stock air intake on most 87-13 Mustangs is extremely restrictive. Installing a Mustang cold air or ram air intake removes the factory tubing and replaces it with larger diameter tubing and a free flowing air filter. We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of Mustang cold air intakes and replacement filters.

Will I need a new tune with my intake?
Replacing your Mustang's stock intake increases the air flow going into the engine. More air entering can throw off the ECU causing the motor to run a little lean. Even with this being the case, most 1987-2004 Mustangs DO NOT need a new computer flash or tuner after installing a cold air or ram air intake. This changes though for 2005 and newer Mustangs. The ECU or computer in these later model Mustangs are very sensitive to increases in air flow. Most of the time a new cold air will trip your Mustang's check engine light. The answer to this problem is adding a new computer tune at the time of your cold air intake install. You can view all our customer tuners by clicking this link.

Will a new air filter make a difference or is it a waste of money?
Installing a new air filter will net you about 1-2 horsepower and torque. In addition to this slight bump up in power you'll notice better gas mileage. A K&N drop in air filter is our most popular Mustang replacement filter.