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Your Mustang's brakes are a normal wear and tire item. When the time comes, upgrade your Mustang's stock brakes with something a bit more performance oriented. Upgrade your entire braking system with a complete brake package or upgrade one component at a time. We have Mustang Rotors from Brembo, Centric, DBA & Powerslot. Hawk Brake Pads for your Mustang are the best in the business. StangMods offers pads for the aggressive street driver and inexpensive replacement pads for owners on a budget.
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Information on Mustang brakes
Stock brakes do a great job for mainly stock Mustangs. For most of us the thrill of driving our Mustangs is at higher speeds. Nothing replaces the plant-you-in-the-seat torque feel when your Mustang is at full throttle. What many owners overlook is that with more horsepower should come better braking. Did you know that most V6s and GTs from 94 and up share the same brakes? Special edition models like the Mach 1, Bullitt and SVT Cobras received upgraded brakes from the factory. These binders provided extra stopping power for these higher horsepower models.

Many customers think upgrading their brakes will break the bank (no pun intended). While a big brake kit from Brembo will give your Mustang world class stopping power, you'll notice a world of difference with a simple rotor/pad upgrade. Read on below for recommendations on which parts to buy to improve your Mustang's braking performance.

Slotted Mustang Rotors
Just like the name says, slotted rotors feature slots in the rotor surface. These slots are designed to help dissipate heat while looking sleek at the same time. Under any type of braking, the friction between the pad and rotor causes heat build up. As you use your Mustang's brakes more (performance or open tracking driving) this excess heat build up causes brake fade. A slotted rotor helps evacuate the heat away from the rotor face. The results in less brake fade and reliable stopping power.

Cross Drilled Mustang Rotors
Cross drilled or just drilled rotors feature holes throughout the rotors surface, usually in a "cross drilled" pattern. Similar to slotted rotors, the cross drilled design is intended to remove excess heat from the rotor surface. Cross drilled rotors look very cool and exotic behind the wheel of any Mustang. There is just something about a lowered Mustang with cross drilled rotors tucked behind aftermarket wheels. We recommend cross drilled rotors for mainly street use. In some cases, the cross drilled holes can crack under extreme use seen at open track events. At StangMods we strive to offer only the top brands that come with warranties. Check out our brake selection by choosing from the brake categories above.