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Airaid is the newest vendor to hit the online shelves of Airaid manufacturers high quality cold air induction kits for a wide variety of vehicles. StangMods has every available Airaid part for the Mustang. If your thinking about bolting on a cold air intake Airaid is a great company to look at. Most of their intakes require no tuning after installation. They offer both oiled and dry filter kits to suit your liking. Pick up dyno proven horsepower and torque for your GT, V6, Boss or GT500 Mustang. StangMods has the lowest price and fast, free shipping on all Airaid Mustang cold air intakes.
Airaid Cold Air Kits Airaid Drop In Filters
One of the first few modifications any Mustang owner should make is a cold air induction kit. Airaid's complete line up of cold air Mustang kits will replace your factory induction set up from the air filter to the throttle body. Instant horsepower and torque gains will be seen after installation and even your gas mileage will go up. Airaid uses a lot of technology in the design and manufacturer of their Mustang cold air kits. Each one comes with your choice of an oiled or dry air filter. Get superior air flow to your engine by replacing the weak, factory set up. Enjoy free shipping and the lowest prices on all Mustang Airaid induction kits.
Airaid drop in air filters provide a quick and easy way to add some power and torque to your Pony while improving gas mileage. Drop in means your new Airaid filter will install in place of your factory intake set up. Simply remove the old filter and pop this one in. It will even bump up your Mustang's gas mileage. Available in dry or oiled configurations. Each filter uses synthetic technology to trap the tiniest of dust and dirt particles while allowing tremendous airflow to pass through. Get cheap and easy horsepower with a new filter from Stangmods.
Airaid Throttle Body Spacers Airaid Intake Tubes
Nothing complements your new Airaid cold air intake like an official Airaid throttle body spacer. These rather inexpensive bolt-on parts install between your throttle body and intake manifold. The spacer spins incoming which results in a "boost" effect. The higher velocity air results in more power, increased throttle response and even a bump in gas mileage. Airaid's Mustang intake spacers don't look like much but if you want to squeeze every bit of power out of your Stang it is a must have upgrade.
If your modding on a budget, an Airaid intake tube is an inexpensive way to add a few extra ponies under the hood of your Stang. Made from durable plastic, Airaid's new tube will help direct incoming air into your vehicles throttle body. The straight through tube replaces the accordion style factory intake tube. By smoothing out the path, you give incoming air less resistance. Installation is very simple and can be done with just a few hand tools. When a full Airaid cold air intake is not in the cards, add on a replacement tube for moderate performance gains.