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If your not a fan of the grille mounted foglamps or if you just want to change the look of your 2010-2013 Mustang's grille, the Boss 302 grille from StangMods makes the perfect upgrade. In this installation article we go over the process of swapping out your stock Mustang grille with a Boss 302S version. Installing the grille requires removal of your Mustang's front bumper. The task may seem daunting at first but our in-house install guide will help you make quick work of your Mustang's front end makeover.

Tools Required
  • 7MM socket
  • 8MM socket
  • Flat head & Phillips head screwdriver
  • Jack or lift (optional)

    First you'll need to remove the plastic radiator support cover. Use a flat head screw driver to remove the (6) push pins.

    Once the cover is out of the way, remove the (4) 8MM bolts and (4) plastic Phillips head push pins.

    Next up we turn our attention to the fender wells on both passenger & driver's side. Remove the (3) 7MM bolts.

    For the next step you may need a jack to raise the car slightly. Since our car is at stock ride height we were able to access the bolts running along the bottom of the bumper without raising the car. Remove the (6) 8MM bolts.

    Once these bolts have been removed you are ready to pull the bumper off the car. Starting on one side, grasp the bumper where it meets the fender and pull up and out. This will release the clips show below.

    Once the clips are released gently pull the bumper away from the car so you can access the wiring harness connected to the sidemarker light. Unclip the harness to free the bumper up on one side. You'll then need to repeat the same process on the other side.

    Next, you'll want to release the air temperature sensor harness at the bottom of the bumper and the two harnesses connected to your grille mounted foglamps.

    The bumper is now ready to be fully removed from the vehicle. Here is a shot of our GT with the bumper removed.

    Now with the bumper off the car you can turn your attention to removing the stock grille from the bumper.  The grille is comprised of two pieces. (grille surround and center grille). In the first step you'll want to remove the entire grille from the bumper by depressing the tabs shown below. It takes some force but start on one side and work your way over.

    Once you've released all the tabs you'll be able to remove the grille from the bumper as shown below. In the next step we'll be removing the grille from the grille surround.

    Similar to what you did in the previous step, you'll want to depress the tabs along the grille to remove the grille from the grille surround. Starting at one side and working your way over is the easiest way to knock this step out.

    Once you've released all the tabs you can remove the grille from the grille surround as shown below.

    You are now ready to install the new Boss 302S grille. Simply take the new grille and line it up with the open tabs on the grille surround. Firmly press it in until the tabs secure the Boss 302S grille to the grille surround.

    The last step in the process is to install the entire grille back onto the bumper. Line up the tabs on the grille with the bumper and firmly press it into place.

    The last step is to re-install the bumper on the car by reversing steps 1-8 above. Oh and don't forget to attach the running pony emblem to finish off the grille. The finished product is below.