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Speed Dial Speedometer Adjust for 94-10 Ford Racing Ring & Pinion Install Kit 8.8" (86-14 V8 & 11-14 V6) Motive Bearing Gear Installation kit for 7.5" V6 Rear End
Retail Price $169.95
Sale Price $162.00
Our Low Price $129.95
Regular Price $99.95
Sale Price $89.95
Mustang Speedo Adjuster Ford Racing Gear Install Kit 86-14 V8 Mustang M-4210-B2 R7.5FRMK Motive V6 Mustang Bearing Installation Kit
Are you thinking of changing your gears and or rim size and don't want to purchase a $400 tuner just to correct your speedometer? If so, then Ford racing has just the answer. The speed dial speedometer adjuster offers quick adjustments after a Mustang gear change or tire size upgrade. When installing higher or lower gear ratios, your Mustang's electronic speedometer gets thrown off. For example, your speedo may say 65 MPH but you are actually going 80 MPH. This simple tool will do away with this problem without breaking the bank. It offers an easy, four wire installation and your vehicle's computer does not need to be reprogrammed. The speed dial speedometer scales a frequency based vehicle speed signal up/down to maintain accurate vehicle speed indication to the instrument cluster and PCM. Fits all Mustangs from 1994-2010.
Steeda Speedo Recalibration Gears for 79-98
Regular Price $39.95
Sale Price $19.95
Steeda Speedo Recalibration Gears for 79-98